Be a Part of Something Big

God is doing incredible things through the ministries of LifePoint Church.  It's not about fancy buildings or getting bigger.  It's much more than just keeping the lights on around here.  It's about Jesus - and
the transforming power He has in people's lives.  It's about families being healed, marriages being restored, relationships mended.  It's about meeting the needs of our neighbors.  
It's about making an impact on our communities and around the world.    
That's why it is so important that you give.  That's why what you give matters. 

Why Give?

LifePoint Church is committed to giving regularly to what God is doing here and around the world.  It's biblical, and it is how we can partner with God in His work.  We believe individual giving should be proportionate to God's individual blessings with tithing as a norm, not reluctantly or under compulsion but as a cheerful giver
(2 Corinthians 8:7 and 9:7).