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Adult Ministries

For those who would follow Jesus as a disciple, LifePoint provides three essential things – learning, serving, and relationships.

Getting to Know GOD!
Getting to know someone is a process involving many things. The most effective is simply spending time with them in conversation. So it is with God. We grow in our relationship with him as he speaks to us and we speak to him. Therefore, we place great emphasis on the Bible and prayer in discipleship.

The Word of God
The Bible is central to our spiritual lives and so we make many opportunities available for learning the Scriptures. Scripture is a vital part of all our worship services. LifePoint also maintains a vibrant adult Sunday school ministry with fully three quarters of our membership taking part in an adult class. These are more or less age or life-stage based classes that provide the opportunity needed for discussion and application of the scriptures. Additionally, several Bible studies take place in the church throughout the week.

The Life of Prayer
As we recognize the shallowness and impotence of programs, technology, and entertainment in the Church to transform lives, the life of prayer is growing in importance for us. LifePoint emphasizes the life of individual and gathered (or group) prayer available in the Historical Room on Sunday morning from 8:15-8:45 am.

Doing Things For Others – In HIS Name!
The Bible itself admonishes us not to be “hearers of the Word only, [but to] do what it says!” So there are several opportunities for people to serve the Lord. Of course these formally organized opportunities are only the tip of the iceberg – much more takes place among the LifePoint family as each takes time to “serve one another in love” in countless spontaneous ways throughout the week.

Being With God’s PEOPLE!
Finally, a family is all about relationships – ideally healthy ones. At LifePoint we try our best to form and grow relationships. We’re not a huge church and we get new members all the time who’ve come for that reason. They’re tired of being a nameless face and desire relationships with their brothers and sisters in Christ. Our Sunday school ministry is foremost in this process. It is the small group ministry of our church where friendships are formed and maintained, and which provides the first opportunities to provide and receive care. But we’re into all-church social events too – especially when it involves food! We’re big on eating. But when you think about it, Communion itself is about breaking bread together and sharing that oneness we have in Christ.

For questions about our adult ministry contact the church office at (651) 774-8609